Do You Still Love Me?

And I know you don’t but if I ask you do you love me, I hope you lie to me.

-5 Seconds of Summer, Lie to Me

Do You Still Love Me?
I could not look her in the eyes, so I stared into the abyss before me.
“Do You Still Love Me?”
She often asked me. Seeking Reassurance in my replies.
And I had always had an answer for her, until now.
“Do You Still Love Me?”
Her words weighed down on me. I wasn’t sure if I had ever loved her.
NO! I had. I had loved her. Maybe not in the way she wanted me to. Perhaps not in the way she expects me to. Maybe not in the way she does.
“Do You Still Love Me?”
Her words echo through my soul. I cannot lie to her again. But can I tell her the truth? How do I tell her that I have changed? How do I tell her that I have lost my ability to love? That I am starting to wonder if I ever had it? If I were ever capable of loving someone?

I could feel the gap between us growing, but I couldn’t do anything to keep us together. To keep the Pieces together.
I finally willed myself to look at her. She had tears in her eyes like she had already accepted the worst.
I opened my mouth to tell her. To tell her the truth. To tell her everything.
But I couldn’t. So instead, I pulled her close and whispered always. Like I always did. And she believed me like she always did.

I know a part of her knew the truth. But I guess she was trying to hold on to the false sense of security as much as I was.

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